Let’s share 22,080 meals to impact the lives of underprivileged children


The COVID-19 pandemic is more than just a health crisis – it has had a ripple effect, impacting all of us and our work. The COVID-19 lockdowns have drastically changed our daily lives.

We, the nonprofit organization are struggling with how to continue to give meals to our underprivileged children. We don’t want them to face food insufficiency.

The youngest child who is 3 years old and the rest of them rely on us to provide them their daily meals.

With the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), our annual fundraising event which is supported by approximately 1,000 diners and is scheduled on the 28th June 2020 is on hold. This is raising concerns that these children who depend on us to provide meals will become increasingly susceptible to malnourishment and other health risks. As such, we are working towards our “Share Food” campaign to provide 22,080 meals from July to December for them.

You and I understand the feeling of an underprivileged child. Let’s not make them feel more unwanted.

You can bring smile to them. You can do your charitable deed by contributing to our “Share Food” Campaign. Every contribution of yours saves a child from hunger and malnourishment.

Transparency is our organization value statement; every amount will be accounted. All contribution will be channeled to provide meals for our beneficiaries.

To know the full report about #ShareFood Campaign, please click the following link: https://hopemissionwelfaresociety.com/share-food-report

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MYR 19,390.00


TARGET: MYR 55, 200


Campaign Starts
July 01, 2020

Campaign Ends
Sep 30, 2020

Please help by donating and challenging 3 friends of yours to our “Share Food” Campaign so that we may have enough to feed these underprivileged during these challenging times.

This is how our meal mechanism works. For your contribution of RM 10.00, you are providing (4) meals per-day. Please select your choice of contribution.

You can also donate through Paypal.

Every contribution will be issued a TAX-EXEMPTED receipt.

Every contribution is very much appreciated.

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