How i-care sponsorship works?

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Children are being benefited through i-Care


Our i-Care sponsorship plan is a easy way of connecting a compassionate person like you with a child in need. Your sponsored child will have what  every child deserves… a beautiful future, health care, education and safety.

Your sponsorship has the power to build a relationship that changes not only the course of the child’s life, but yours too.

Watch your sponsored child’s life change. You will experience the true joy of helping, that transforms a child’s future as you will be informed with regular updates on his/her progress.

“Together we can make every day a hopeful day for a helpless child.”

You can help a child with only RM1.66 a day per month

Where does your money go?


We believe that food is important not only for basic health and nutrition but also for our children to be successful in their studies.


Education is the greatest expense for Hope Mission Welfare Society. Most of our children's expense is to pay monthly school fees, while others are required to pay the annual lump sum at one time. Education breaks the cycle of poverty and hopelessness and it enables the children to look forward to a bright future with good careers.


It breaks our heart to say that orphans are deprived of the basic necessities that support daily care. One of these necessities is clothing.

Health Care

More than 153 million children worldwide have been orphaned by the loss of one or both parents, and millions more have been abandoned. Their healthcare is our priority.

How can you help?

Choose a perfect plan that you can op to pay monthly / quarterly  / half-yearly or one-time payment.



Per month


Frequently asked questions

It can cost up to RM1650.00 or more to care for a child. This includes food, school and educational development expenses (such as tuition, music classes, etc,.) visit to the doctor (and dentist), transport and clothing. However, in Hope Mission some food items and clothing are donated and there are volunteers who help tutor the children, we estimate that it can cost up to RM600 a month per child.

There are three types of sponsorship program available.
Program 1 – RM50 a month for a period of 12 months.
Program 2 – RM300 for a period of 6 months.
Program 3 – RM600 (full sponsorship) for a period of 12 months.


Yes of course, you can be a part-sponsor. Your monthly support will be combined with the support of other partial sponsors to help the sponsored child. 

100% of your sponsorship goes straight to out mission. It will cover mostly the expenses of the educational needs which includes school fees, tuition fees, school uniforms and shoes, transportation expenses, workbooks with other school materials and also medical and dental expenses, lodging, meals, pocket money and other basic needs.

Yes, your contribution to Hope Mission is considered a donation. We sill provide you a tax-exempt receipt once your contribution has been received.

“If we nurture the dreams of the children, the world will be blessed.”  Contact Us