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Did you know?

The Hope Mission Welfare Society is doing a “Charity Calendar Sales Project”? The theme for this project is “The Beauty of Life’s Elements”. Being a non-profit organization, the pandemic of Covid-19 affected our financial status very much and it is a big challenge for us to meet the expenses of Hope Mission Home. With the implementation of CMCO, our major events could not be held. That’s why we are coming up with this “Charity Calendar Sales Project”.

This “Charity Calendar Sales Project” is a source to raise funds to cover the yearly expenses for the 27 children who are under the care of Hope Mission Home. The proceeds from this project will be channeled to meet these children’s expenses such as food, rental, utility bills, medical fees and etcetera.

For the past 12(twelve) years, we have served 456 needy children in the community. To be honest, we wouldn’t have served that number of children if you had not been with us to lift up our spirit of serving. We also feel proud to see the lives of some of our children who have stepped into their tertiary education pursuing courses on Nursing, Bakery & Pastry and Automotive.

One girl has completed her Diploma in Accountancy course and now she is doing her internship. A girl completed her skill study in Bridal and Make-up and a boy completed his study in Desktop Publishing. Another girl has started her career as a staff nurse and she is attached to the Cardiology Department in Penang Adventist Hospital. Having witnessed all these significant and successful life- changing experiences, we want to commit ourselves even more to give those individuals who are still below the age of 18(Eighteen) an opportunity to build a career for themselves for a brighter future as our mission is “Restoring Shattered Lives”.

Frankly speaking, as I have already mentioned earlier, it is you who joined us, my mission to make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the lives of these children. I cannot restore the children’s lives alone. Therefore, I humbly appeal to you to join me again to impact the lives of more children by supporting our “Charity Calendar Sales Project”.

Last but not least, with the theme “THE BEAUTY OF LIFE’S ELEMENTS”, let’s put our hands together to create a beautiful and meaningful year for these children for the year 2021.

Calendar details

16 Sheets (Back & Front)
 30 pages 
4 Colour Print (Both Sides)
Wire O & Stand
Product Thickness: 216 GSM
Product Material: Grandee Natural
Product Size: Width – 15cm / height – 21.5cm

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